Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Perfect Silence of the Night – Episode 4

The Perfect Silence of the Night – Episode 4

The night belonged to the vampire Vipunin.

He landed at the edge of the blanket, eyes rimmed red, head thrown back, every muscle taut. Cuchulain was right beside him, ready to strike.

The male and female crouched in fear, Sibon clutching the knife, Ciassia hiding in his arms.

Vipunin scorned the knife in the human’s hand.

‘You would hurt me with that, human? Knives will do me no harm, unless you can slice off my head, but that weapon won’t be up to the task. A wooden stake would serve you better.’ His laugh echoed through the glade, giving Sibon and Ciassia chills.

Losing patience, Cuchulain stamped on the ground sending tremors through the glade.

‘What would you have me do, brother Vipunin? You promised me the woman.’

Sibon and Ciassia looked from vampire to vampire, terror marking their faces. The knife fell from Sibon’s nerveless fingers.

‘That was before I knew, Cuchulain.’

‘Knew what, brother?’

‘Do you see this pair? Look!’ He grabbed Sibon by the shoulders and shook him. ‘Who do you see in this man?’

‘Well…brother! He mirrors your look. Here in the night light he could be mistaken for you.’

‘Exactly. I need to solve this mystery.’

‘But brother, I am so thirsty,’ Cuchulain whined.

‘Go into the forest and hunt. Go.’

‘No. There is trickery afoot tonight. I don’t trust these humans. You need me here. I will wait.’

‘Well, stand and behave.’

Vipunin turned to the humans. The male had risen and stood erect, his hand still holding the female’s. It was obvious he would not give up his life or that of his woman without a fight. That’d be interesting, Vipunin thought.

Vipunin put a cold hand on the woman where she lay prone, a white statue, terror in her eyes. She shrunk from his tentative touch.

Vipunin leaned closer. Here she lay before him - his betrothed - looking remarkably unchanged from his last sight of her.


He held out an arm. When she cringed, he put forth his hand and drew her to her feet. She did indeed feel like a flesh and blood creature though her hand was as cold as his. The man made to follow, but Vipunin pushed him back onto the blanket where he sat with Cuchulain circling him, fangs bared, eyes fiery red.

‘Take your filthy hands off her, vampire,’ Sibon growled.

‘I’ll deal with you later, Pretender. Cuchulain, restrain him.’

Eagerly Cuchulain stepped forward, slapping Sibon down with a blow from his stone-like hand.’

Ciassia turned to Sibon with a cry of distress, but Vipunin spun her round to face him.

‘Leave him Ciassia. It is I who need you now.’

‘How is it that you know my name?’ Ciassia demanded.

He rasped again, ‘My God! You do not know?’

‘God?’ she mocked him, standing tall, although her voice quivered with fear. ‘You, a vampire? An evil creature? You dare call on God? What God have you?’

‘You speak truth. I have no God that would lay claim to me now, but that’s another story. How can you be here? Now? In the flesh? Does your heart beat beneath your garments?’

‘You can see for yourself, I live’ Ciassia replied, defiant.

‘If you truly lived,’ he shook his head, confused, ‘you’d be centuries old. Tell me the truth of your appearing before me as you were in our golden days, those blessed days when we were to wed.’

‘Ah, Lord Vipunin, so it is you. I see it now. So the stories spoke truth. The explanation is simple. You are legend.’

Vipunin looked at the woman before him, lost for words. "Legend?' he rasped. 'How can this be?' He gazed at the heavens as if seeking the truth he needed.

But the heavens had darkened. Were turning as red as his eyes.

Could he resist this pair?

If he had a God he would call on him now.




Steve Green said...

And the plot thickens....

Like coagulating blood.

Nice one L'aussie.

L'Aussie said...

Thanks Steve..:)

Theres just life said...

What??? I have to wait another week. Oh Denise how could you do this to me. I can't stand the suspense. Just keep them coming please.

L'Aussie said...

PJ, I will. This story must end..:)

Francine said...


Oh you tease, you torment, you plague my dreams with these two Vampires, and still you will not let them rest in peace! ;)

Great stuff - look forward to next episode.


L'Aussie said...

Hey Francine, thanks for following the saga..:)

Donna Hole said...

Ooh, intriguing; another mystery within a mystery.

Nicely done.


L'Aussie said...

Donna, yep, you're right..:)